Some sources of well written articles…

Are there well written articles expressing something sensible from the right? Why is everything I find that is well written so much leaning to the left? Just me?

Physics World
The New Yorker
The Atlantic
  • Iran Cannot Handle the Coronavirus
    The government has refused to impose quarantines and is encouraging people to visit the city of Qom, the center of the outbreak.
  • Lab-Grown Breast Milk: Why?
    The obsession with breastfeeding has inspired a start-up to make human milk outside the human body.
  • Enacting Trump’s Revenge Campaign
    The cuts to the National Security Council have less to do with making government better than with making it purer.
  • Trump’s DOJ Interference Is Actually Not Crazy
    In Trump’s mind, he is not politicizing law enforcement. On the contrary, he is trying to fight politicization coming from his opponents within the department.
  • The Party of Idolaters
    The Republican Party, which some of us still hope to reform and which others have left, no longer deals in principle, morality, or the pursuit of the common welfare.
The Economist Special Reports

Books to Read

  • the zulu principle… growth stock picking
  • The man who mistook his wife for hat - oliver sachs
  • Your Money or your life - Vicki Robin (as recommended by Jimmy Wales of wikidpedia)
  • Three body problem - Liu Cixin
  • The Undoing Project - Michael lewis
  • Thinking Fast & slow - Daniel Kahnmann
  • Unquiet mind
  • Harvard and the Unabomber: The Education of an American Terrorist
  • Models. Behaving. Badly.: Why Confusing Illusion with Reality Can Lead to Disaster, on Wall Street and in Life Paperback – 24 Jul 2012 by Emanuel Derman
  • The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan


* the universe from nothing - Lawrence Krauss * Seveneves - Neal Stephenson

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