How I now do my reading - Instapaper & Kindle

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21 Nov 2016 - dob

I have started using Instapaper to gather long form articles I want to read and having them sent automatically on a weekly basis to my Kindle. My impulse is to get away from the 140 Character Twitter snippets of mostly ill thought out garbage and instead focus on long form articles that are properly structured and thought through. There is surely enough noise in the world already without adding more through twitter & other social media feeds. Reading this stuff feels like channel surfing on TV - where in the end your time is gone, you have not gained anything and you have not even particularly enjoyed it. If I am to put in the effort and time to read something, then I would hope that the writer has something interesting to say and has taken the time to write it properly.

I have found a way that I can quickly and easily access the text that I highlight while reading online at this link. The notes & highlighted text are uploaded using the kindle Whispersync function as far as I understand, so you need to have this option clicked in the kindle settings for this to work.

Taken together this allows me build up to a nice collection of articles that caught my interest over time as well as the key points in each article that grabbed my attention.


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