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Garden Diary

14 Jul 2022

Bought 5 more Fruit trees in Turlough

  • Apple - Jonagold
  • Apple - James Grieve
  • Apple - Cox's Orange Pippin
  • Plum
  • Cherry

and Rosemary, Dill, Chives, Sage, Oregano

Mar 2022

Portland - Skyline : Planted Queen Cox and 2 Honeycrisp, Plum, and elderflower as well as Oyster Mushrooms

July 2021

Planted 2 James Grieve in Ballydrum Only other survivor being Cox's Orange Pippin (Elster and Jonagold dead) Blueberry bush & Thyme

05 Jan 2021

Planted apple trees in Ballydrum Cox Pippin, Elstar and Jonagold

03 Mar 2017

Tips on pruning a mature pear tree

09 Aug 2016 - dob

Garden completely out of control - cutting back frantically (including trees - and at borders to neighbours - some comments already)


Harvested Cherries from larger Cherry tree, Raspberries, wild strawberries and Red Currants.
Some pears on tree - still small and hard.
Pink Roses beside pond in bloom.

Trimming back some hedges where things look overgrown - which is most of the garden!


Planted on 2. Nov at front of house
Tulips frühlingstraum april…may
Narzissen carlton march…april
Crocuses grossblütige krokusse … march


  • Cherry Tree (Mr. Tree)
    • Small cherries are ready early in May and fall to the ground. Not so sweet. (2013 end May?)
  • Cherry Tree - Larger tree at back.
    • Bloom - early May
    • Larger, sweeter cherries. Ready for eating end June/start July. Need to be plucked from Tree.
  • Large Apple Tree
  • Smaller Apple Tree
  • Kiwi Plant September
  • Walnut Tree
  • Pear Tree - End August
  • Raspberries (come 2 times in the year Early July & as late as November )


  • Crocusses come after the snow melts (Start March) - beside flower
  • Magnolia Beginning/Mid April - ~1 week in bloom
  • Tulips - April/early May
  • Cherry Tree (Mr. Tree)
    • Bloom - end April - gone by MID May
  • Pfingstrosen - end May - front of house and in front of sandbox

bed, ornamental cherry tree in back garden)

  • by end of garden has exploded to life!
  • Roses
    • pink (small and large) flowering until
    • red
    • Pfingstrosen

Start - July 2012

Starting page to keep track of things in the garden and note things we learn as we go along. Motivation is to build a calendar of when the different plants bear fruit / blossom and document what we learn about cutting/trimming/taking care of plants.

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