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 +====== Wikidobia ======
 +[[https://​www.google.com/​analytics/​web/?​pli=1#​home/​a728336w1234610p1226549/​|Page Statistics]]|
 +== 12 Dec 2016 ==
 +Updated : 
 +  inc/​lang/​[lang-code]/​stopwords.txt
 +to exclude some common words form the word cloud
 +== 07 Dec 2016 ==
 +added swittmail for email support - will inform me of changes to the wiki (registrations,​ comments)\\
 +651 users - spammy registrations. Deleted them from users-auth.php. Installed Captcha plugin to see if I can control it this way. I would prefer if I could leave everthing open.
 +== 06 Dec 2016 ==
 +Major Overhaul of backend to most up to date Software version now complete
 +Copmpying the data folder and installiguring following plugins/​template from scratch
 +== 10 Sep 2015 - dob  ==
 +Starting to see some rubish spam pages being added to main pages - long garbage text with one link somewhere. Not sure what they are trying to achieve - deleting them. Will have to review external editing permissions if continues.
 +Turned off registering of new users. Notice huge log files being generated in apache2. filled disk. >42k users registered... some bot doing this - not clear why. 
 +Error log size exploding from May/June timeframe...\\
 +Waiting to see if this solves It or if anything else strange happening....
 +Registered domaing name: www.wikidobia.info
 +Hotels book for the wedding in Regenburg. Looking forward to it!
 +Please leave your comments.... anyone...? :)
 +Dokuwiki software updated - slightly new look...
 +Wikidobia is back online - in a new location and on a new server!
 +Some changes... eat go ...
 +Changing appearance of dokuwiki [[http://​wiki.splitbrain.org/​wiki%3Atpl%3Atemplates|dokuwiki templates]]
 +[[air:​AnnekesWiki]] and the German wiki [[air:Der Wikidobia]] ​ =).
 +The origins of [[wiki:​Wikidobia]]. Homepage of 
 +[[http://​dob.homelinux.com/​~dobrien/​wwwhome/​|dobrien]] & [[http://​dob.homelinux.com/​AnnekeRichter/​doku.php|Anneke Richter]]. [[dob:dob]] contains [[dob:​DobMedia]] and technical things on the
 +[[dob:​PenguinPage]] \\
 +[[Wikidobia]] went online on the 10-06-06 ​ 8-O
 +This wiki is used to collect bits and pieces of information that interest us. Hope you find something that interests you. If you have something to contribute - feel free!\\ Go to [[start]]
 +[[google>​Wikidobia]] ​
 +[[http://​www.google.com/​analytics|Google Analytics]]
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