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veg @eat
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ut in pan along with Grape Juice /wine - heat up. Then add cheese and allow to melt. Add flour to vinage... the sauce to boiling point, stirring constantly. Then reduce the heat to low and simmer the sauce for 1... the sauce to boiling point, stirring constantly. Then reduce the heat to low and simmer the sauce for 1... Peel the potatoes. Halve each potato lengthwise, then quarter it lengthwise. Cut each quarter in half l
quotes @dob
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10000 latex error First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they want to fight you, then you win Gandhi She doesn't need a lover, she needs a case worker..... the road that I have the most passion on because then you can never really blame yourself for making th
mark_twain @air
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of the rain. Of course no bird would do that, but then you must stick to the book. Very well, I begin t... the hypothesis that it is masculine. Very well -- then <b>the</b> rain is <b>der</b> Regen, if it is sim... , in a kind of a general way on the ground, it is then definitely located, it is <b>doing something</b> ... h shop "wegen (on account of) <b>den</b> Regen." Then the teacher lets me softly down with the remark t
bayesian_statistics @blog
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Occurance$$ So if the probability is 10% or 0.10, then the odds are $0.1$ to $(1-0,1) = 0.9$ or ‘1 to 9’... If event $A$ and event $B$ are __independent__, then $$P(A \mbox{ and } B) = P(A \cap B) = P(A) \cdo... A$ happening is dependent on $B$ happening first, then $P(A | B)$ is the (conditional) probability that ... ease if in contact with a sick person is $20\%$, then the probability of a random person having the dis
sweet @eat
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\\ 250 g sugar \\ 1 sachet vanilla sugar \\ ** \\ Then add \\ ** 125 g quark \\ a little lemon juice \\ ... form a dough. Leave it to rest for about 30 min. Then put it into a cake pan for the bottom part.\\ \\ ... utter \\ 100 g sugar** \\ until you have a dough. Then, over the cake, rub the dough between your flat h... vanilla flavour \\ 2/3 cup or 160 ml milk** \\ \\ Then melt \\ **2/3 cup or 160 g butter \\ 100-200g cho
chicken @eat:meat
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nger and garlic paste and fry for another minute. Then add the green chilli if using and pop in the chop... tomatoes and fry for about six to eight minutes, then add the tomato purée and stir until well combined... o half and use your knife and take the seeds out. Then chop the chillis into very fine (small) pieces. H... nions. Stir till you smell the fragrants arising. Then put in the marinated chicken pieces and the curry
gold @blog
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ally gold. This requires assaying it in some way. Then you need to find someone to accept this block of ... gathering this material in one part of the world, then transporting it with a great security effort to a... d to deposit it in another hole in the ground and then sit around guarding it. This does not have any po... as people view gold as being a safe haven asset, then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and so long
syntax @wiki
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[doku>config]] file. Hint: If DokuWiki is a link, then it's enabled. * When a section's heading is cha... a filename that is not a supported media format, then it will be displayed as a link instead. By addin... >> Well, I say we should > Really? >> Yes! >>> Then lets do it! </code> I think we should do it > N... >> Well, I say we should > Really? >> Yes! >>> Then lets do it! ===== Tables ===== DokuWiki support
beef @eat:meat
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!) peppers in the oven at 150C for 10-15 minutes. Then, carefully cut out the top with the stem. Wash th... pepper\\ 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper** \\ Fry and then add the enchilada sauce, made from **Onion\\ gar... s\\ 1 can tomatoes\\ salt** \\ Saute the onions, then the minced garlic. Add flour and fry for a bit. B... an with hot oil. Stir and fry until golden brown. Then add curry leaves and tomatoes and cook until the
the_secret_life_of_walter_mitty @dob
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rove around the streets aimlessly for a time, and then he drove past the hospital on his way to the park... d unwind them, a young, grinning garageman. Since then Mrs. Mitty always made him drive to the garage to... ar my right arm in a sling; they won't grin at me then. I'll have my right arm in a sling and they'll se... e last drag on his cigarette and snapped it away. Then, with that faint, fleeting smile playing about hi
eat @eat
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. wrap in clingfilm and put in fridge for a hour. Then divide up into ~4 balls and roll through pasta mi... beef with the above ingredients for about 10 min, then pressure cooked for 15 min. After the pressure su... es (half cooked, to save time) about halfway, and then a bit of coconut milk, to get a different taste,
raspberry.pi.and.ubuntu @dob:tech
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install, on 1st boot I get the openelec logo, but then the screen turns black with the message "mode not... "Networking Tool" addon. Installed this addon and then things WIFI is up. To get the PI to talk to my s... roblem that may come - complete HDMI turned off - then need additional line in config.txt hdmi_force_h
financial.independence @calculate
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flation} $$ If the above input parameters hold, then this is the amount of capital required to generat... taxes, inflation etc... can be maintained at 4%, then the above formula collapses to: $$Required \mbox... If capital grows at rate that offsets inflation, then returns also update to offset inflation. Example
beam.robotics @dob:tech
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a certain voltage (wait until Capacitor charged, then discharge). For this you need a TC54**VC** [[beam... atplotlib sudo apt-get install python2.7-numpy Then run python {{|graphing scr... self healing" fuse, i.e. a fuse that can blow and then short itself again after some time interval, coul
chutney @eat
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per** \\ into a sauce pan and beat until blended. Then heat slowly on very low heat, whisking constantly... sugar and cayenne pepper into a large pot. Stir, then bring to boil and cook on a medium-high heat for about 1 hour. Don't forget to stir now and then. Add the chillis and later the sultanas. Cook gen
duck @eat:meat
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getquote @dob:tech
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emacs_macros @blog
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pork @eat:meat
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monetizing_positive_impulses @blog
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zotac.zbox @dob:tech
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fish @eat
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memories_from_childhood @blog
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let_astray_by_the_media @blog
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how_i_now_do_my_reading_-_instapaper_kindle @blog
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internet_censorship_monitoring_in_the_uk @blog
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constant_growth @calculate
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der_wikidobia @air
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rice @eat
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