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 +====== Some things I have been thinking about... ======
 +I have tried to summarize here some topics that have interested me recently including:
 +  * How to think about constant growth, in particular about [[:​calculate:​constant_growth|Inflation and compound interest]]
 +  * What does [[:​calculate:​financial.independence|Financial Independence]] mean, how much money do you need and what needs to happen in order to achieve it? What section of society have achieved this?
 +  * What is [[:​calculate:​body_mass_index|Body Mass Index (BMI)]] and how do you calculate it? At what point can you consider yourself overweight? How many [[:​calculate:​body_mass_index#​howmanycaloriesdoiburnperdaydoingnothing|calories do you burn]] each day while doing nothing? Then how does [[:​calculate:​body_mass_index#​howmanycaloriesshouldiconsumeperday|exercise/​diet]] matter?
 +  * Once you are tired worrying about BMI, then you can think about something tasty to [[:​eat:​eat|eat]] !
 +  * Perhaps when you have had enough to eat and drink, you can pass the time with some [[:​dob:​dobmedia|cultural]] distraction,​ be that [[:​dob:​listen|listening]],​ [[:​dob:​read|reading]] or [[:​dob:​watch|watching]] something.
 +More recent blog notes can be read below while a list of all my blog notes can be read [[:​dob:​notes|here]]
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