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c in 2 and rub arouund inside of pot. Chop up and put in pan along with Grape Juice /wine - heat up. Th... me of the parboiled chips into the hot oil. Don’t put too many chips into the pan at once or they will ... ive oil, then fried a bit and heated in the oven (put in with your roast veggies for the last few minut... hopped) and puree the soup with a mixer. \\ Then, put in the coconut milk, the drained lentils and add
chicken @eat:meat
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**Aubergine**, **carrots**\\ Bring to simmer and put in **Chicken Stock powder** (no additional water ... \\ **a can of coconut milk**. Bring to simmer and put in\\ **300g chicken\\ 5 potatoes**,\\ both choppe... . Stir till you smell the fragrants arising. Then put in the marinated chicken pieces and the curry lea... prefer the curry chicken to be more spicy, do not put in the sugar. Wendy Lee ===== Coconut Chicken
beef @eat:meat
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getable oil, add the meat and stir until browned. Put in all the other ingredients and 1 cup water and ... r a bit. Blend the chilis with a cup of water and put in the pan. Simmer uncovered, put in the chopped tomatoes and simmer for another while. Put in the can of tomatoes and mix the sauce with the
quotes @dob
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ith a success unexpected in common hours. He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible bound... ed not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. - Henry D. Thoreau,... t and float join in on a high spot and ride, ride put on some smile stay for a while Underw... d by rulers - as useful Seneca A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religio
the_secret_life_of_walter_mitty @dob
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e said. "I don't need overshoes," said Mitty. She put her mirror back into her bag. "We've been all thr... eached in a pocket and brought out the gloves. He put them on, but after she had turned and gone into t... "Leave her sit there," said the attendant. "I'll put her away." Mitty got out of the car. "Hey, better... to the car, backed it up with insolent skill, and put it where it belonged. They're so damn cocky, thou
chutney @eat
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l leaves \\ salt \\ ** \\ Roast the pine nuts and put them in a food blender while still warm. Add the ... on your taste. \\ ===== Sauce Hollandaise ===== Put \\ **2 egg yolks \\ 1 tablespoon lemon juice \\ 1... flaked** \\ until browned and ground them. \\ \\ Put into a blender and add \\ **8 teaspoons olive oil... fresh red chili\\ 5 tablespoons sultanas** \\ \\ Put the can of tomatoes (break the tomatoes up with y
sweet @eat
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a dough. Leave it to rest for about 30 min. Then put it into a cake pan for the bottom part.\\ \\ Peel... er** \\ and pour it on the layer of dough. \\ \\ Put the soft apple mixture on top. \\ \\ For the Stre... juice and pour over the cake. You could also just put icing sugar on the top.\\ Decorate with small lem... s\\ 1/2 tsp baking powder\\ 20g cocoa powder** \\ Put this mixture through a sieve into the egg mixture
bread @eat
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gg\\ a bit of milk\\ 1 heaped spoon butter**\\ \\ Put the dough into a small greased baking tin (fill t... for at least 1 hour.\\ Preheat the oven to 220°C. Put in a cup with water and bake the bread for 50-60 ... for at least 1 hour.\\ Preheat the oven to 220°C. Put in a cup with water and bake the bread for 50-60 ... ite flour\\ Wholemeal flour\\ butter\\ sugar\\ Eggs\\ Put the flour in a bowl ...\\ \\ //Mai O'Brien//
pork @eat:meat
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vinegar 6 cloves, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar.\\ Put in roasting tin, peal off rind (leaving fat behin... with a vegetable peeler, avoiding the white pith. Put the zest, olive oil, rosemary, garlic, 1 Tbs. sal... d stir in. Add salt and pepper and allow to cool. Put sausage meat in a bowl add the cooked mixture, be... tbsp of water until you have a smooth puree.\\ \\ Put\\ **1 stick cinnamon\\ 2 cardamom pods\\ 1 tsp d
eat @eat
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Brown Sugar Heat up some oil or butter in a pot-put in popcorn kernels, cover and wait to pop. Shake ... ur over the popcorn and shake to coat everything. Put in a bowl put in fridge for ~15mins before serving. ==== Chilli Beef ==== T.Var <code> Beef Chill
fish @eat
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Fry vegetables in a pan. When it's getting done, put octopus from 4 into the pan and fry a little bit
rice @eat
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and add\\ **1 tsp salt**\\ **1 tsp butter.**\\ \\ Put the drained rice into the boiling water and stir
duck @eat:meat
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Season the skin lightly with salt and pepper. 5. Put the bird in a roasting tin. Place into oven for a
how_i_now_do_my_reading_-_instapaper_kindle @blog
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have not even particularly enjoyed it. If I am to put in the effort and time to [[dob:read]] something,
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ws Share. To remove this warning (for all users), put the following line in ''conf/lang/en/lang.php'' (
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zotac.zbox @dob:tech
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