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 +====== Pork ======
 +===== Ham (Ireland) =====
 +( 4 people)\\
 +**2 kg Ham (back leg of pig)** \\
 +Soak in water 12 hours, replace water repeatedly (to get rid of excess salt).\\
 +Boil 1.5 hours with 6 black peppercorns,​ 2 whole carrot, whole onion, wine glass of cider vinegar
 +6 cloves, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar.\\
 +Put in roasting tin, peal off rind (leaving fat behind). Cut crosses into the fat 2cm apart, stick clove into each diamond.\\
 +Honey glaze - 2 level tablespoons of mustard powder, 1 tablespoon of Irish whiskey, 4 tablespoons ​
 +of honey. Mix into a paste - pour over ham.\\
 +Preheat oven to 220C (gas mark 7), cook for 15-20 minutes, careful not to dry it out.\\
 +Uncured, raw ham... marinate  ​
 +Peel the zest from the lemon with a vegetable peeler, avoiding the white pith. Put the zest, olive oil, rosemary, garlic, 1 Tbs. salt, and 1 tsp. pepper in a food processor and pulse to a coarse paste. Rub this mixture all over the ham. Cover the pan tightly with foil and refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours ((http://​www.finecooking.com/​recipe/​fresh-ham-with-rosemary-garlic-and-lemon))
 +In oven @175°C for 5hours for 5kg ham - covered with tin foil. Last half hour uncovered with glaze
 +(For 12lb turkey, same as for chicken except for sausage meat)\\
 +**4 Ozs of butter\\
 +2 onions\\
 +3 tablespoons of dried parsley\\
 +1 tablespoons of mixed herbs\\
 +(1 teaspoon of dried Thyme, optional)\\
 +8 Ozs of breadcrumbs\\
 +1 lb of sausage meat\\
 +2 eggs\\
 +(2 tablespoons of sherry)**
 +Melt butter in a saucepan, add onions cook gently until soft, but before they brown.
 +Add herbs and breadcrumbs and stir in.
 +Add salt and pepper and allow to cool.
 +Put sausage meat in a bowl add the cooked mixture, beaten eggs and sherry and mix 
 +well until the stuffing becomes ?.\\
 +//Mai O'​Brien//​
 +===== Goose - 2011 =====
 +Cabbage - 2:00 - 3.00
 +Ham - started at 1:40   + 1.5 hours --- 3:10 
 +2:05 - 2:15  @ 240°C
 +2:15 - 3:45  @ 190°C ​   (90mins -- 21mins /kg)
 +30 mins to stand at the end.
 +===== Gravy =====
 +After cooking - pour off fat, leave the stock and juice.
 +Add half a beef stock cube, heaped teaspoon of bisto (gravy powder to thicken - or cornflower).
 +//Mai O'​Brien//​
 +===== Coriander Pork (Sri Lanka) =====
 +**2 tsp brown mustard seeds\\
 +1/4 tsp whole peppercorns\\
 +3 tbsp whole coriander seeds\\
 +1 clove**\\
 +in a spice grinder.\\
 +**1 onion\\
 +1cm piece of ginger\\
 +3 medium cloves garlic\\
 +30g fresh coriander\\
 +1 fresh chillies**\\
 +along with 5 tbsp of water until you have a smooth puree.\\
 +**1 stick cinnamon\\
 +2 cardamom pods\\
 +1 tsp dried curry leaves, crushed\\
 +(5cm fresh or frozen pandanus leaf)**\\
 +into a pan with hot vegetable oil, add\\ 
 +**450g stewing pork, cut into pieces**\\
 +after 5 seconds. When is meat is browned, add the spice mixture and after a minute add the mixture from the blender. After another minute, add\\
 +**1/4 tsp turmeric\\
 +1 tsp fresh lemon juice\\
 +1 tsp salt**\\
 +and simmer for 60-80 minutes, until the meat is tender, stirring only once or twice.\\
 +Then add\\
 +**1 can coconut milk**\\
 +and heat through.\\
 +The Book of Jaffrey'​s,​ 1, 70.\\
 +===== Savoury Pork =====
 +**Sea salt\\
 +1 tbl spoon fresh Rosemary\\
 +1/2 tbl spoon fennel seeds\\
 +5 clove garlic\\
 +8 tbl spoon balsamic vinegar\\
 +4 bay leaves\\
 +2 tbl spoon Olive Oil**\\
 +Cut slices into the pork and rub the salt and herbs into the meat. Marinate in all the ingredients.
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